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Shipping and Payment

Unfortunately, PayPal in Turkey stopped its operations in 2016 due to a licensing issue with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.We accept payments through a very secure online payment service called Shopier.

Under the product you want to buy, you'll see the button "Buy with Shopier". This link will take you to the product in the Shopier online shop and your purchase will be processed from here.

Shopier is a user-friendly, secure online payment service that accepts credit and debit cards. Goshopier meets the strictest requirements of PCI DSS compliance protecting consumers and their data no matter where they shop or what channel they use. You can find more information about Shopier here

Their reliable cloud service is hosted by Amazon.

If you don't want to use Shopier, you can also shop on my Etsy shop.

Unfortunately, Etsy prices are a slightly higher than the sale prices on my website because of sales commissions.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via Whatsapp.